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Pamela A. Renneberg  (formerly Monarch)R.M.T, C.D.T, & Associates
Registered Massage Therapist - Combined Decongestive Therapy
Assisted Device Program Authorizer

Reflexology dates back centuries. Practiced in China, Egypt and with ancient Indian medicine.

Physician William Fitzgerald advanced this theory by introducing what he termed "zone analgesia". He determined that an anaesthetising effect transpired within the body when pressure was applied to certain areas. He identified ten zones within the body.

Physical therapist Eunice Ingham redefined "zone therapy" to Reflexology as we know it today. Establishing additional zones throughout the feet and hands. She obsrved a specific connection in the body stemming from these newly recognized pressure points.

In 1968 the National Institute of Reflexology was established followed by  the retitling in the 70's as the International Institute of Reflexology.

Illness and stress puts the body into a state of imbalance resulting in congested energy pathways. Reflexology assists in restoring the body's natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

Typical treament involves preliminary discussion with the client to confirm if they have any specific complaints. This enables therapist to determine appropriate pressure points required for treatment. Client is positioned comfortably in a seated or lying down position. Only requirement is removal of shoes and socks. Therapist uses hands to offer gentle pressure. This relaxing treatment is generally a one-hour duration.