Pamela A. Renneberg  (formerly Monarch)R.M.T, C.D.T, & Associates
Registered Massage Therapist - Combined Decongestive Therapy
Assisted Device Program Authorizer

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is compromised of lymphatic vessels
and nodes. It acts as the bodies filtering system. It drains fluid
from the tissue and back into blood stream while collecting
waste products and large protein molecules. The lymphatic
system provides immune cells which fight infection.

What is Lymphedema?

Primary Lymphedema is the result of a congenitally
compromised lymphatic system.This can occur at
birth or appear later in life.

Secondary Lymphedema is generally associated with
cancer surgery involving lymph node removal. It can also
occur with, radiation treatments, trauma injury, infection or
with venous insufficiency.
Lymphedema may occur within months post surgery, years
post surgery or not at all.

Lymphedema can be a life long condition however it can
be controlled and managed.

Signs and Symptoms

-feeling of achiness, numbness
-feeling of fullness, heaviness
-clothing/jewellery become tight
-visible swelling


Initial consultation/assessment entails intake of
confidential health history and base line measuring.
Lymphedema education will be provided.
Risks and preventative measures will be discussed.

Manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, exercise and
bandaging(if required)are offered.

Self instruction on massage and bandaging can be