Indie Head Massage

Originated in India, Indie Head massage(Champi) dates back
over 5000 years.  Based on Ayurvedic, the ancient Indian system
of medicine.

This traditional and effective form of massage therapy is excellent for relieving
stress and promoting relaxation. 

Treatment is a recommended one hour duration with face, scalp, neck and
shoulder focus.

Indie Head massage is a non pharmaceutical approach for
individuals who suffer with headaches, high anxiety and stress retention.

Additional focus on sinus drainage, TMJ and neck/shoulder tension can
be included if applicable.

The clinic uses grapeseed oil due to its high absorption qaulities. It is
gentle on the skin and is ideal for blending essential oils.
Pamela A. Renneberg  (formerly Monarch)R.M.T, C.D.T, & Associates
Registered Massage Therapist - Combined Decongestive Therapy
Assisted Device Program Authorizer