Hot Stone Massage

What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Hot stone therapy is classified as geo-thermo-hydro-therapy. This meaning it involves the use of stones that have been heated or cooled with water.
The therapeutic treatment will allow areas of muscle tension to dissipate underneath the warmth of the stones while release techniqes are offered. Additionally to the massage stones are placed at various points of the body during the entire treatment duration.

History of Hot Stone Therapy

The origin of hot stone therapy dates back as far as 5000 years ago. Many cultures have practiced hot stone therapy.
In India healers collected stones from river beds and warmed them in water or hot coals.
Native Americans used heliotherapy(sun therapy) by heating a stone in the sun then placing it on an area of the body to  ease pain.  They  also used hot stones to heat their sweat lodges as a purification ritual.

What are Balsalt Stones?

Balsalt stones are formed naturally as lava cools following volcanic eruption. Eventually these stones are carried out to  sea where the constant movement of  the ocean offers the smooth texture of the stones. Due to their inherent ability to retain heat they are an ideal choice for stone therapy.

What are the benefits of Hot Stone Therapy?

In the last 10 years hot stone therapy has gained popularity as a therapeutic form of treatment.  The benefits of Hot Stone Therapy include...
-pain mangement
-promote circulation
-decrease muscle tension
-decrease stress retention
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