Pamela A. Renneberg  (formerly Monarch)R.M.T, C.D.T, & Associates
Registered Massage Therapist - Combined Decongestive Therapy
Assisted Device Program Authorizer
Geriatric Massage

The clinic has been offering Massage Therapy to the
geriatric population since 2000. A gentle soothing approach
is offered to assist with the following treatment focuses.

Common treatment focuses include

- pain management
- promote circulation
- address contractures
- decrease muscle tension
- decrease stress/ induce relaxation
- increase range of motion
- decrease swelling
- treatment offering intermittent relief of tremors
- contribute to quality of life

Treatments are offered in the comfort of the residents
rooms. The residents treatment will take place in their bed
or wheelchair dependant upon treatment focus.

Treatment is available to all residents residing within
St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre.
This service is an additional fee over and above their
stay at the facility.

Public appointments requiring a geriatric focus
are welcome.